Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If you read my blog regularly you know that I do not exactly deny Israel's responsibility for the mess that the Palestinians and we in Israel find ourselves in. I do believe that Israeli leaders have more than once failed and ( continue to fail ) to grab or create reasonable opportunities to bring about a more liveable situation for both peoples, and that it is in Israel's interest to take initiatives that will end the occupation of the Westbank, lead to a Palestinian state and maybe, just maybe, even to some kind of peace. Still, I believe that all those who claim to support the Palestinians from far away - and who are obsessed with blaming Israel for almost every misfortune that befalls the Palestinians rather than with convincing 'their own side' to get its act together and to somehow embrace life rather than cherish and cultivate death ( see here, here, here, here, here, and also here ) - should start removing the enormous beam in their eyes. The government in Jerusalem has never been particularly helpful to the moderates - or should we say, the more pragmatic or less fanatical - among the Palestinians, but here is a limit to what you can blame Israel for. I know that Israel has some real friends abroad who - out of love and true concern for our wellbeing and survival - do not hesitate to tell us what they believe is right. Jewish or non-Jewish, they love us deeply for whatever reason and do not try to find all kinds of excuses or to point 'guilty fingers' to the Palestinians to make us feel better, telling us in our face that much of what we do is wrong and should be done differently. Not that we all want to hear or listen to what they have to say. Nevertheless, I wonder if the Palestinians have such friends, I never really heard or read about them in Dutch, British, French, German or American media. Maybe that is because I am too busy with the many motes in my own eyes and ears.

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