Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Isn't it ironic? The Knesset members of Shas cry Oy Gevalt! ( or, more likely, its Moroccan equivalent ) when the gay community wants to hold the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, citing - among other reasons - the 7th commandment ( Thou shalt not commit adultery ). Very well, fair enough, each person has the right to profess his belief and follow his conscience. Why, then, is it that of all the MKs - many of whom can teach you and me a thing or two about self-enrichment - those of Shas have gotten the reputation for being the masters of thieves? Without any serious mental effort I come up with the names of at least five Shas Knesset members who were convicted for things like fraud, forgery, embezzlement: Ofer Hugi, Yair Levy, Aryeh Der'i ( the former party leader, who still has a lot of influence in the party ), Rafael Pinhasi, Yair Peretz. Hugi, Levy and Der'i were even sent to prison for their crimes. Of course Aryeh Der'i blamed those bloody ashkenazim for the fact that he, the symbol of sefardi pride and power, was picked out as a scapegoat. Anyway, yet another Shas MK has been caught doing something that has all the appearances of being illegal. Don't they know the 8th commandment ( Thou shalt not steal ), and isn't their all-devouring appetite for money in breach of the second commandment ( Thou shalt have no other gods before me... )?

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