Thursday, June 07, 2007

Maybe I used the word "British" incorrectly in my few postings about the boycott efforts by a number of British unions and other organizations. While I do not think it is a coincidence that such efforts have been and are being made particularly in Britain particularly during the last year or so, I know ( and want to believe ) that they are nor representative for the British public as a whole.
So-called pro-Israeli responses such as this one ( written by Asaf Wohl, a student from 'my' department, whom I do not know ) cut no ice and could be counter-productive. Linking Britain's war against Argentina, or worse, the country's presence in Iraq and Afghanistan with Israel's presence in the territories makes as much sense as the arguments of the boycott's proponents. Besides, most if not all of those proponents are not exactly British nationalists or supporters of Britain's war on terror ( au contraire, at least some of them support terror's war on Britain ), and the only Brits who could be touched - and probably will be insulted - by those arguments are those who might be on our side anyway. While anti-Semitism probably plays a role among the motives of some people who want to boycott Israel, it is wrong - again - to put all your argumental eggs in the basket with the big A-word. Articles such as the one by Bradley Burston that I refered to earlier here are much, much better and in all likelihood way more effective.

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