Friday, June 01, 2007

Early this morning I logged in on my wife's PC to see this strange story. Later it also appeared on the English version of Ynet. Even though you might expect that such a claim ( that Israel itself might have been the mastermind behind the hijacking of the Air France plane that led to the spectacular operation at Entebbe airport 31 years ago ) would have made major headlines, you have to search on the BBC website to find the article that apparently first told this story. By chance, after not having had a sign of life from him since he was supposedly kidnapped in March, we also read today that those who claim to hold BBC journalist Alan Johnston hostage have released a video with a sign of life from the reporter.

The timing of this all seems particular to me. I only hope that the BBC research on which the Entebbe-scoop is based was as sloppy as the work of Ynet, and that Israel had nothing to do with the hijacking of the Air France airplane. Next to the article about possible Israeli cooperation with the hijackers Ynet posted the above picture with the caption "Freeing of hostages in Entebbe". The photo clearly shows Ehud Barak and others after the liberation of a hijacked Sabena aircraft at Lod airport in May 1972. You can even see the letters ABE of the name of the former national airline of Belgium.

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