Thursday, June 21, 2007

While I am preparing for yet another working trip to Holland and trying to also spend as much quality time as possible with my family, I do not have much time for serious blogging. I follow the news, read other people's blogs, get annoyed about 1001 issues ( Israel's dealing with Darfur refugees and Palestinian victims of Gaza violence; ultra-orthodox who get away with violence and breaking the law; Jimmy Carter; foreign 'friends' of Palestinians who - instead of trying to talk some sense into the people(s) they claim to care about and explaining to them that brutal violence, no matter if it is aimed against Jews or fellow-Palestinians, only serves the extremists on the numerous sides of the conflict - waste all their money and time blaming Israel, the US, Europe, the West etc.; yet another British union that wants to boycott Israel, oblivious to the fact that in the meantime those poor Palestinians are slaughering each other; yet another UN body that focuses on Israel's violations of human rights yet chooses deliberately to ignore violations that are just as bad, if not much worse; Israel's not exactly taking care of Holocaust survivors; and so on, and so on ), but unlike other bloggers ( for example, Lila, Yael, Lisa; the latter has a good posting for today, when G'd willing the Gay Pride Parade will be held in Jerusalem; Lila tells us about her eldest who has a certain fondness for gay men because "the more gays, the more available girls" ) I find it hard to find time to transform my anger and frustration into bloggable postings. Sorry for that.

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