Sunday, June 10, 2007

While a UNIFIL spokesman denies the reports by the Sunday Times about Hezbollah (re)building underground bunkers in and smuggling large quantities of weapons into Southern Lebanon, his statement does not contradict those reports. He only said that the UNIFIL "has no information on weapon smuggling to southern Lebanon". That could mean anything, we all know how well informed the UNIFIL is ( or wants to be? ) about terrorist activities. After all, they are neutral, aren't they? I was also disappointed though not surprised by the not-more-than-standard condemnation by the Foreign Press Association of the use, by Islamic Jihad terrorists, of a white car marked TV to cross the Israeli border in a kidnap attempt. They could learn something from their Palestinian colleagues, at least they showed the proper level of indignation, although in their statement Israel is - again - the main bad guy, it seems.

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