Sunday, June 17, 2007

While we were having the end-of-the-year party for our daughter's class ( second grade ) we heard a rumor about rockets landing in Qiryat Shmonah. I went outside to hear the news on my mobile phone. It was said immediately that this was the work of Palestinians, not Hezbollah. After we came home, bathed our children and put them to bed I surfed the net and got a little bit, not much, wiser. Let's hope that the commentators are right: I think I can say with a certain level of certainty that I am not really the only one who is not in the mood for another war. Even Hezbollah made clear it has nothing to do with these rockets, and if those who launched the Kathyusha's are Palestinians the chances are that the Lebanese army will do its best to take care of them properly and to prevent further attacks: it is not as merciful towards and afraid of the Palestinians as towards/of Iran's puppets in Lebanon. If Israeli reports ( that the rockets were fired from UN-controled territory ) are true we simply have yet another proof that Israel should not, never rely on the UN for the safety of its citizens. Which does not mean that UNIFIL ( 13.250 men and women, about 10% short of the strength authorized by UN Security Council resolution 1701 ) and other UN peacekeeping forces are totally useless or that we should not appreciate their work, they just are not always effective and totally reliable. Just in case, our personal 'bunker' is and remains ready, we bought water and other basic stuff for that room. Still, the signs are that this was nothing but an amateurish ( did you see the rockets? nothing compared to what was launched in our direction last year ) attempt to involve Israel in the inter-Lebanese conflict between one or more Palestinian factions on the one hand and the Lebanese army and government on the other, so that nationalist Lebanese groups ( and possibly Hezbollah ) might support the Palestinian side of that conflict. Reactions from Syria, Hezbollah and the Lebanese army and government, as well as comments from Jerusalem, seem to indicate that that attempt failed.

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