Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have been in Holland for a week now, in a couple of days I will be flying back home. I had a very productive week, although my head was spinning after all the meetings that I had in its first half. The project that I am working on has to do with foreign aid to both Palestinians and Israelis, and one of my personal conclusions of this week is this: while the two peoples will probably be unable to reach some kind of way out of the current mess all by themselves, in more than one way they might have been better off without the help of some of their so-called supporters. Outside help is vital, but much of it appears to serve the cause of the givers and distributors rather than that of ordinary Palestinians and/or Israelis. That does not mean, though, that there aren't many people here - and probably in other countries as well, either privately or on a more organized, (semi)official level - who are genuinely concerned about the well-being of one or both of the two peoples, and who make sincere efforts to bring about a more peaceful future for Palestine and Israel. One of the things that these people have in common is the fact that they realize that the basis for such a future must be found among Israelis and Palestinians themselves.

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