Saturday, August 04, 2007

The other day I received an invitation to swap links with ( yet ) a(nother) website for expats. Many invitations to exchange links between websites and -logs receive a positive reply from me. When I checked this site, though, I was surprised and maybe even annoyed to find that Israel appeared in the European section. When you click on Regions: Middle East, you get a beautiful semi-interactive map of the region, from Oman to Turkey and from Iran to Egypt. Cyprus apparently belongs to the Mid-East but Israel does not, the country is an ugly blank hole. I replied to the e-mail by saying that for the time being I did not want to join the website, also because my blog already appears on another expats' website ( and because I do not really consider myself an expat, I am a Dutchman who decided to emigrate to Israel ). On that site Israel belongs to the Middle East, as it should. According to the person who contacted me on @lloExpat's behalf the decision to put Israel in the Europe section was made based on a pool among the site's Israeli members. Well, whatever, I don't see a compelling reason why I should join those members right now. PS: I was just told that inclusion of Israel in the ME map and region is being considered, the issue will be discussed with the technical team. PPS: The issue is solved, I just added a button to the righthand margin of this weblog. You will find Israel under both Europe and the Middle East. What is important ( to me ) is that we are not any longer a blank spot on the map of the region. If there had not been a map of the Mid-East it probably would not have bothered me that much.