Monday, September 24, 2007

Isn't it amazing how ultra-Zionists like Eddie from London, Jake T from Alaska , and Erol from France always know how we should wage our wars? Several Israeli, truly Zionist intellectuals - among whom David Grossman, who already knew a thing or two about 'the' conflict before his son was killed in last year's war - have said that Israel should talk with Hamas. Of the 35+ negative, sometimes abusive and sickening comments on that appeal, more than half come from Zionist bastions such as Point Roberts ( WA, USA ) and Shiloh ( MO, USA ). The online feedback feature 'produced' a coalescence of the armchair general and the checkbook Zionist: the armchair Zionist. Today, in order to be a Zionist you do not have to pull out your purse, attend some lame rally, shwitz in temple about your second cousin who lives in Nethanya, or - heaven forbid - pick up your stuff and move over here anymore. You just stay home, seated in front of your computer screen, and attack all those lefty Israelis who want to sell out to the Arabs. So what if most if not all of those lefties were or are IDF soldiers and officers, so what if their sons and daughters serve in the army, so what if they know too well what war is, so what if their opposition to the occupation stems mainly from their Zionism ( the real kind, not a Diaspora surrogate )? They do not know a damn thing about those bloody Arabs, do they? Hamas, Fatah, Palestinians are all one and the same, the only language that they understand is force, don't they? Therefore oracles with names like Ralph, Ariel, Wilbur Cox ( wow, a PHD! ) have every right to call Amos Oz, Meir Shalev, and Yehoshua Sobol ( my favorite playwright ) "appeasing morons", "loose can(n)ons", "traitors" etc.

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