Monday, September 17, 2007

Last night my wife went with her parents to a party in honor of one of her mother's cousins (*), who celebrated her 80th birthday. After the children went to sleep I sat down and watched a great thriller, Flightplan, on DVD. I intended to go to bed early but decided to see the whole movie. Great story, good actors, very nice bonuses on the DVD.
(*) That cousin is from Antwerpen. When our daughter was just a toddler my wife took her to the house of that cousin's daughter in Ra'anana. Until then our daughter had only heard Dutch from me ( and a little bit when she was five months old and we were in Holland; this was before we celebrated her first birthday with my parents in Holland ). She heard the woman talk Flemish to her and my wife said that she looked amazed, as if she heard something that sounded familiar ( Flemish basically is Dutch with an accent, or maybe Dutch is Flemish with an accent; in highschool Dutch students learn both Dutch and Flemish literature ), and started babbling to the lady.

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