Monday, September 17, 2007

President Peres and Mrs and Mr Ritchie. Is it just me, or does it really look as if Madonna actually had to shlepp her husband to the Holy Land?

Israelis are easily thrilled when a foreign celebrity visits this country, and they get really excited when such a celebrity has something, anything nice to say about Israel or the Jewish people. Madonna, Demi Moore, and several other famous Kabbalah aficionados ( most of them not Jewish ) have spent a few days in Israel. More than three years ago, in a letter that was published in the International Herald Tribune, I already gave my view on the dubious fascination of some non-Jews with almost everyhting Jewish. I must say that I am surprised that Mrs Ritchie is still so fascinated about Kebbale ( here I tried to write the word the way that Americans pronounce it ). Nevertheless, my reservations about that kind of love for Israel and the Jewish people remain. I welcome almost every show of sympathy for this country and for our people, and I am not exactly religious myself, but I find it hard to consider Madonna ( doesn't she call herself Esther anymore? Shouldn't Miriam have suited her more? ) a serious ambassador for Judaism. Unless by the latter she means a shallow, un-Jewish, Hollywood-style version of some pseudo-Judaism.

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