Thursday, September 06, 2007

( Tom Janssen )

Made in China: 30% polyester, 25% corruption, 20 % exploitation, 6% benzene, 4% lead

( Tom Janssen )

A Dutch bishop suggested to use the Arabic word for God in order to ease tensions between Christians and Muslims. His proposal, like a rightwing politician's call for a ban on the Qur'an, drew a lot of riducule and criticism.

( From a series about the two characters spending the summer holiday with their two nephews )Fokke & Sukke received a call..."Ikea, the nephews want to be picked up from Smaland" "Oy, already...?"

This one reminded me of last year, when we were in Holland. Twice we left our two children ( the third did not need a babysitter yet :-) ) for an hour in the store's playground. Unlike F&S we did not 'forget' to pick them up before we left.

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