Thursday, October 11, 2007

It is no secret that I often agree with the ideas of Israeli authors like Amos Oz, David Grossman, and Meir Shalev. I was pleased to read that a booklet written by Amos Oz about fanaticism will be used at Swedish schools. To get an idea of the kind of criticism men like Oz receive at home have a look at the comments, to the article on Ynet, by a guy from Eilat. If you have read ''How to cure a fanatic' you understand that this guy never ever even had a look at it. I very much like Mr Oz's parable which is mentioned in the article: "... Oz was asked how an ordinary person could impact tragedies such as the genocide in Darfur or hunger in Africa and he responded with a parable about a house that goes up in flames: One possibility is to escape and let everyone burn, another option is to write an angry letter to the authorities the next day, the third option is to pour a bucket of water over the fire and extinguish it. And if a person says he does not have a bucket, let him use a cup, and if he doesn't have a cup then let him use a spoon. If there are lots of people with spoons, said Oz, they will ultimately be able to put out the fire." Wouldn't it be wonderful if Amos Oz ( or David Grossman ) were named as this year's winner of the Noble Prize for Literature, later today in Stockholm? In a way, such an announcement certainly would be a slap in the face of fanatics, in this region and all over the world.

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