Monday, October 08, 2007

Once more a politician has used history as if it is a grab bag where everyone can find something to suit his/her taste, or rather his/her interests and ( political ) purpose. Who, among today's leaders in the free world, does Mr Peres think can match himself against Winston Churchill? Besides, Churchill appears to have been the right man at the right time in the right place in wartime Britain, but if Richard Overy ( whose Why the Allies Won I am reading right now, a fascinating and well written book ) is right, the invasion of France in June 1944 came about mainly as a result of American single-mindedness, and in spite of the hesitancy of Churchill and his staff. The victory of the Allies against the Nazis and their allies was more than anything a result of American-British-Russian cooperation. Each of those three countries would not have been able to defeat the Axis countries without the help of the other two. No historical figure or his virtual contemporary equal can help us against Iran. What is needed is leadership and determination from as well as cooperation between today's leaders of countries like Israel, the UK, Europe and the US, and none of them has to resemble Churchill, or Roosenvelt, or David Ben Gurion. Only through cooperation with each other and with other countries will Israel and the US be able to neutralize the Iranian and Islamist threat ( which, by the way, is totally different from the threat that Nazi Germany posed more than 60 years ago ).

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