Friday, November 02, 2007

If you read my blog regularly you know that, although I definitely am a Zionist, I am not exactly some rightwing extremist who believes that the whole world is against us. Many if not most of Israel's troubles are a result of bad policies of this country's government, or of a total lack of any policy in many spheres of governmental responsibility. In my opinion a lack of policy is even worse than bad policy. The same goes for hasbara: a total lack of serious PR is worse than the bad PR that Israel has been conducting in the last years. Besides spin and useless, desperate and destructive 'measures' such as proposals for a power cut in Gaza, we do not hear from Defense Minister Barak ( who is supposed to lead the Labor Party, explain or justify government policy or tell us why if Labor called the shots things would look better for Israel ) because he basically refuses to be interviewed. Although I do not believe that the whole world is against us, I do not have much faith in the United Nations either. An article such as this one ( in Dutch, by a lawyer who works for the UN ) partly explains why. In spite of all my criticism of the ways in which Israel is run, I still agree with one classical principle of Zionism: Israel and the Jewish people should rely on themselves as much as possible when it comes to defending themselves. A good example of one of the reasons why that principle still holds true is the rearmament of Hezbollah. In violation of resolution 1701 the UN is doing hardly anything to prevent arms transports ( this is not smuggling ) from ( or rather through ) Syria to Hezbollah. When ( not if ) the next war between Hezbollah/Syria and Israel breaks out Ban Ki-Moon and his organization will once again be among the first to decry and bemoan Israel's excessive violence in response to Hezbollah's use of the weaponry that would not have gotten into Nasrallah's hands if the UN had done its work properly. Something similar happens when Israeli rockets and bullets hit Palestinian ( or Lebanese ) civilians. As sad as that is, only professional and totally biased Israel-bashers will tell you with a straight face that Israel has a policy of targeting civilians on purpose. When conclusive evidence of the contrary, as well as of the terrorists' cynical abuse of civilians, is presented by Israel hardly anybody is interested. I saw this video the other day. You can clearly see how terrorists use a schoolyard to fire mortars towards Israel. It would have been easy for the IDF/IAF to hit the terrorists right away. Instead the army chose to wait ( thus running the risk of letting the terrorists - oops, the militants/freedom fighters/guerillas etc., never mind that they do their best to attract fire towards an elementary school - escape ) and hit the bad guys only after they were far enough from the school to be struck with minimal risk to innocent civilians.

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