Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Like most people in Israel I remain skeptical about the chances of success for Annapolis, and I have my doubts about the whole conference making sense. Still, maybe, just maybe, Ehud Olmert and others are right when they say that the mere fact that this circus takes place is in a way a success and a victory. I thought this when this afternoon I was doing some shopping with our two youngest children. In the shopping center I saw a policeman and -woman patrolling, and I noticed some kind of (semi)automatic gun hanging from the man's shoulder, with the magazine inside. I approached the two and asked if there was a reason for these special precautions. They smiled politely and said quietly "Annapolis". Every time that Palestinians or other Arabs are seen talking with Israel, the fanatics, theirs and ours, basically suffer a defeat. I do not have to point out what their victories look like. PS: In the poll, the latest option does not make sense really. I should have written "It is a waste of time, but 2, 3, and 4". PPS: This morning I read an interesting analysis of Ehud Barak's behavior towards Olmert and Annapolis.

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