Friday, November 23, 2007

  • Much has been written about the demand, by Israel's minister for pensioners' affairs Rafi Eitan, for additional payments by Germany to Holocaust survivors in Israel. This article appeared the other day, I agree with almost every word in it.
  • Two excellent postings by one of my favorite Israeli bloggers, On the Face's Lisa Goldman: one that starts with sugar packets but in fact deals with two of the greatest threats that Israel faces ( social injustice and our indifference to it ), the other about the lack of Israeli interest in what is really happening in Lebanon.
  • Islam is not the only religion that excels in injustice towards women and minorities, but many of its followers seem to do their best to make their religion a champion in that field.

PS: This posting was written on Wednesday, but I posted it by mistake on my parallel blog, where I normally only post articles for reference and future use.

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