Sunday, November 18, 2007

Since I am actually writing my PhD thesis ( finally ) and preparing another short stay in Holland ( for a book that I will be writing in the next two months ), my weblog will be put on the backburner once again. In the meantime here are some good cartoons on Darfur, the Hamas-Fatah civil war, on Israel's non-policy regarding the Palestinians, and on American non-policy regarding the MidEast. I found most of these cartoons, not all of them very recent, through this link.
Berend Vonk ( VN = UN )

Chappatte ( Le Temps, Geneve ): "Now that you are powerless, in your rump-state, I will be happy to help you"

Kal ( The Economist )

Haddad ( Al Hayat ): "I am hungry!"

Gada ( Daily Nation, Nairobi )

Chappatte ( Le Temps, Geneve ): " We see a Lebanonization of Iraq, an Iraqization of Palestine, and a Palestinization of Lebanon! "

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