Thursday, November 01, 2007

While nobody in his or her right mind will claim that Prime Minister Olmert 'invented' his prostate cancer, nobody will deny that the diagnosis 'helped' him politically. Suddenly the man who for more than a year has had to defend himself against so many accusations of wrongdoings and mismanagement, receives messages of support from almost all political directions in Israel and from all over the world, the broadcast of a critical report about some of his many legal troubles is postponed, and his ratings are up. Yedioth Aharonoth's Attila Somfalvi wrote an article about this. His conclusion:
" The prime minister needs support and requires a significant public opinion change. He is convinced that he is doing a good job. He knows that now, the public also needs to start understanding it, trust him, and believe that he is not the root of all evil in this country. Prostate cancer is not the recommended strategic solution to the prime minister’s political condition. However, it could certainly help him present a different façade in public. Now all that is left is for Olmert to hope that the Israeli public would be able to appreciate its prime minister’s honesty, his public courage, and his decision to undertake an unprecedented step and expose himself to everyone. Because maybe, just maybe, it says something about the person, the man who is currently at the State of Israel’s helm. And maybe, just maybe, it could mean something good."

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