Monday, December 24, 2007

Talking about stupid ( and about Jackie Levy, which happens to be the name of the mayor of Beth She'an, the brother of David Levy, whom I blogged about yesterday ). Of course force works, Mr Levy. We see that almost daily, when terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Belgium, Spain, the Philippines, Gaza and elsewhere set the national and international political agendas for all of us. Force works when rockets keep falling down on Sderot just as much as it works when Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists ( and the 'occasional' innocent bystander ) get killed by IDF and IAF fire. Force worked when Yitzkak Rabin was murdered, it worked when the settlers were evacuated from Gaza ( there are no settlers anymore over there, right? ) just as much as it works when settlers fight security forces to hold on to outposts that are even more illegal than the settlements ( very few outposts are actually evacuated ).
Last week Yossi Beilin announced that he will not be a contender for the leadership of the Meretz party. Jackie Levy applauds the 'defeat' of Beilin's doctrine, while he regrets the disappearance of Beilin's style, wisdom, honesty and dedication. He should understand that there is a direct connection between that doctrine and that style, wisdom and honesty. Just as much as there is a link between the never-ending use of force and playing the perpetual bully on the one hand, and corruption/occupation/poverty/discrimination/losing wars/brilliant minds leaving the country/hundreds of road deaths a year etc. etc. etc. on the other. For Hamas and other Palestinians the possibility of peace is just as frightening as it is for some Israelis, mostly for reasons that are entirely different, although too many opponents of peace on both sides of the conflict share one motivation: peace would take away their raison d'etre and the way of life/death that they have grown accustomed to ( and/or love so much).

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