Saturday, December 22, 2007

These are some of the articles that caught my attention lately:
  • An article, by minister Yitzhak Herzog, about a book by Martin Gilbert that deals with a little known subject: Winston Churchill and the Jews.
  • A portrait of a kind of Israelis that many, many years ago got me truly interested in this country and that in my opinion today remains its true pride and hope. Yiftah Spector is a genuine war hero and Zionist. Not unlike others whose opinion I value highly he says that Herzl's type of Zionism has become realized, and now it is time to start realizing the Zionism of Ahad Ha'Am, "who wanted the state to be good and to be a light unto the nations". When asked "What should we do?", Spector replies: "First, we have to end this conflict, which is already ripe for a solution, and demarcate the only possible borders, namely those of 1967. And at the same time, we have to be full partners in the transformation of the Palestinian state into the most successful Arab state in the world, so we will have a good neighbor. And I agree very much with my beloved, in quotation marks, Ehud Olmert, whom I see as the head of the thieves' government - but even thieves sometimes get it right - when he says that if we do not make peace now, we can say good-bye to Israel." Amen to all that.
  • An interesting article, by one of my favorite Israeli opinion makers, about one of the most beautiful languages that I know.
  • An article, also by Meir Shalev, about something that continues to amaze me: instead of making sincere efforts to keep here those who are already here the government tries to lure back those who - for many different reasons, most of them entirely legitimate, but that is not the point - chose to live abroad.
  • An article - in Spanish, a language that I once studied here at the university for two semesters ( twice I received a 100!, I even wrote a paper in Spanish about Franco ) but never really learnt well - about Hugo Chavez' links to and support for Colombian terrorists ( freedom fighters, whatever ). I would not have known about the article if I had not read about it on the website of a Dutch newspaper. By the way, what a beautiful word, narcosantuario.

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