Sunday, December 23, 2007

This is Israel at its best. We all know that there is a serious leadership problem in this country. Good old David Levy also is aware of that problem. How does he think it should be solved? By having a 70-year old never-really-has-been ( himself, that is ) run once more for a seat in the Knesset on the Likud party ticket. PS: While I do have a certain admiration for Mr Levy, I vaguely remember a brilliant speech by Benny Begin during - I think - one of the campaigns for the leadership of the Likud. David Levy has always claimed to care particularly for one of the most neglected niches of Israeli politics, social issues. Still, when one of the coalitions of which David Levy was to become a member had to be formed he insisted on receiving the - always prestigious and attractive - portfolio of Foreign Affairs, which caused Mr Begin to proclaim ( in a dramatic way that would have made his father proud ) that David Levy wants to serve the interests of - now I paraphrase - the old, the sick and the poor in places like Botswana, Banghladesh and Burkina Faso(*). Like so many politicians - and unlike Benny Begin - David Levy often chose power and plush over principles, which makes him as (un)fit for this country's leadership as any other Israeli politician. (*) I am not sure, it could also be that he said that David Levy thought he could best serve the interests of Israel's poor and downtrodden in places like.... As I said, I remember the speech only vaguely, but the point remains basically the same.

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