Thursday, February 14, 2008

CNN's Jim Clancy points out something important regarding the bomb blast in Damascus the other day: we can not be sure that Imad Mugniyah indeed died in that blast. After all, in ( ( the war against ) terror and in ) the Middle East most things are hardly ever what they seem. This is something that Joris Luyendijk, a former MidEast correspondent for the Dutch daily NRC, describes in his bestseller Het zijn net mensen ( They are almost human, 2006; I finally bought the book two weeks ago at Schiphol airport, on my way back home, together with In alle staten, by Max Westerman, the former US correspondent for Dutch RTL television). Like cynicism, skepticism is a valuable feature for those who live here and for everybody who follows the local and regional news. On the other hand, on the above AP picture, which I found on Ynet, of Mr Mughniyah's father and grandfather at least one of the two looks rather genuinely sad. I am sure they are very proud of him in any case, whether he is dead or alive.

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