Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Jerusalem conference that I attended earlier this week was wearying but very, very interesting. I met several experts and colleagues with whom I will almost certainly stay in touch, got a few ideas for newspaper articles, and learnt a lot. Since I came home I have been working on the book that I am writing, on a proposal for a work project that I would love to set up ( related to the conference ), and on my thesis, which I plan to finish this spring or early summer. In between I started reading a study of the life and career of Adolf Eichmann. While the study is well-written and full of information that I never read anywhere else, I often have my doubts about the conclusions drawn by the author, and about the way in which he builds his arguments. While much is going on in Israel and there is no lack of subjects to blog about I am afraid that I will not have too much time for regular postings in the near future. A picture, short comments or an article here and there, cartoons and You Tube Israeli video-clips, that will be it. It will probably take a while before I start blogging again as frequently and intensively as I used to. Once again, I apologize, though the regular DBI visitors have become used to this in the last year and a half.

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