Friday, February 22, 2008

Let it be clear that I do not support Israel's Gaza-policy, if it has such a policy. Personally I would seriously consider a more pragmatic approach, including acceptance of the fact that Hamas is part of the Palestinian reality. Hamas is more the poor Palestinians' than Israel's problem. The main thing Israel should be concerned about as far as Gaza is concerned is the wellbeing and safety of those who live on Israel's side of the Gaza border; if the Gazans really want to live long and prosper, Israel should at least allow but preferably even help them to do so; but if they prefer to continue supporting a regime that exists by the grace of ( and acts according to the directives from ) the puppet masters in Damascus and Teheran, Israel has few reasons to invest in the wellbeing of the Gazans. Israel can forget about getting rid of Hamas, as long as the Palestinians continue to support that organization. If I were Mr Olmert I would seriously consider the truce that the Palestinian factions in Gaza supposedly offer. If Hamas is willing - we all know that it is able - to stop cross-border violence I do not see what Israel can lose by agreeing to such a truce. In that case even some sort of normalization could take place. Anyway, in spite of my criticism towards the Israeli government and it's lack of perspective ( except for one or two ministers, maybe ) I find it less and less surprising that Jerusalem does not really care about what is said and decided in Brussels. Only when Israel can be condemned does it seem that the EU can have some kind of decisive and unified policy. Israel should not do this, Israel should do that, and, oh yes, of course, well. maybe it is not very nice to launch those clumsy, only occasionally lethal Qassam or Katyushya rockets, it would be nice if Hamas or Hezbollah stopped that, let's add that as some kind of afterthought to our main resolution. Where is a loud EU condemnation of Ahmadinejad's latest anti-Israel rant? I also will not hold my breath until the EU loudly and officially condemns Turkey's ground offensive into Iraq, in order "to pursue Kurdish rebels". If Israel - instead of turning off the heat and electricity in Gaza and killing those responsible for the rocket attacks against Sderot and other Israeli cities and communities - decides to send 10,000 soldiers into the Strip in pursue of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other 'rebels', the Europeans undoubtedly will be the loudest protesters against such a 'disproportional violent act'. Apart from a handful of European governments ( Holland, Germany, maybe France, I would love to add the UK here, but I am not sure ) Israel has no true friends in Europe these days, it seems. Jerusalem should listen very carefully to those friends, also and especially if those friends voice criticism and concern, but I cannot blame Olmert c.s. if they ignore calls, any calls, from Brussels, Rome, or other European capitals.

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