Tuesday, March 04, 2008

As a Zionist, a politically engaged writer and former member of one of the IDF's elite units, Meir Shalev knows better than the average journalist or expert how to point out some of the main causes for the mess that we find ourselves in these days. Here he once more touches a sore spot, a spot that cannout be touched enough in my opinion: " We liberated our homeland, we returned to our holiest sites, we waited for the phone to ring, we let the settlers create today’s reality, and now the Golani unit has a new weapon – tear gas grenades. [...] This is how it is when the army is forced to take policing duties upon itself and an entire country is made to dance around the golden calf of the territories and settlements. " You do not need too much imagination to have an idea about what kind of feedback this article will receive, particularly from some of our staunchest 'friends' and 'supporters' abroad.

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