Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Four more beautiful renditions of Hard Times Come Again No More, a 150-year-old song by the legendary American songwriter Stephen Foster. Long live YouTube! I hardly have any spare time left ( which is the reason why I have not been blogging seriously for so long now ) but every now and then I sit down for a few minutes and try to find videoclips with songs and artists that I like. Searching for clips of De Dannan I came across that band's version of this moving song, which I have been humming almost constantly for two days now. When I watched Cold Mountain ( this link refers to one of the most beautiful scenes of the movie, in my opinion ) I could not get the hymn I'm Going Home out of my head for more than a week, now that I think of that song I will be whistling and humming it again for some time. Maybe that way I will stop singing Hard Times. Anyway, enjoy. Nanci Griffith Robert Benoit Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Mary Black, Karen Matheson, Rod Paterson, Rufus Wainwright, Emmylou Harris Bob Dylan

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