Monday, March 17, 2008

Last year I dubbed Bar Rafaeli Barfaeli. In several interviews and articles she was quoted as reviling against Israel and Israelis, and she basically boasted about dodging service in the IDF. In that posting I quoted a rabbi who once taught me: "the Land of Israel pukes up ( or out ) anybody whom it does not want here". A DBI reader commented about Mrs R. leaving this country for the fleshpots of LA: "This is not such a bad thing for Israel. It seems to cough up its fools and knaves, not a bad thing for the rest of the 'gene pool'. Consider it a kind of pruning." Can anybody explain to me why this self-hating, anti-Zionist bimbo was an official guest at a reception at the Elysee Palace in Paris for Israeli president Shimon Peres? I am sure this was not an initiative from President Sarkozy, who by the way was spotted goggling at her curves ( which are impressive, though I would not be surprised if some surgical photoshopping was needed to make them that good ). How little selfrespect can we have, for %#*@&$#%'s sake? Normally I have much more respect for Mr Peres than for Bibi N., but I think that this blunder is much more deserving of a serious inquiry than Binyamin and Sarah Nethanyahu's trip to London during the Lebanon War. I would almost say that Ilan Pappe would have made a more honorable guest than Barfaeli.

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