Monday, March 17, 2008

Readers of this blog know that I have reservations about using the A-word, particularly when Israel or 'the' conflict is involved. This time, since as far as I am aware there was no specific event or incident that might have given cause for this portrayal of the US Democratic Party primaries by the very talented Dutch cartoonist Jos Collignon, I cannot think of anything but antisemitism that prompted Mr Collignon to make this drawing for the Dutch daily De Volkskrant. Thanks to Wouter Brasse for drawing my attention to this unsavory cartoon. Wouter and Ratna Pelle are two of a small and dwindling number of Dutch leftists who are willing to try and understand the Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict from a perspective that is not automatically anti-Israel. You will often find them explaining and defending Israel in Dutch newspapers and on Dutch websites. Theirs is an important but often not very thankful job, I appreciate their work and their efforts very much.

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