Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This cartoon by Tom Janssen ( published on January 29th 2008 ) gives a very accurate picture of the way in which the debate about Islam, multi-culturalism etc. is ( not at all ) being held in the Netherlands. Geert Wilders only has to say anything about something, and immediately that something becomes a taboo, which nobody else dares to discuss. For months the movie that he is supposed to be making has only been a mere rumour, but it already has inspired Muslims in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan to call for the death of Mr Wilders ( and for the death of his fellow countrymen, and the death of the Danes; who knows, probably they called for the death of Israel as well: as if those arch-demonstrators have a lack of excuses to go out, breathe some fresh air and have a nice, civilized demonstration ). The movie/clip even has its own Wikipedia entry. This is the ultimate proof that the movie really exists. After all, Wikipedo ergo sum.

Joep Bertram's vision ( Winner ) on today's primary victories in Ohio and Texas ( and Rhode Island ) for Mrs Clinton.

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