Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This year the Purim theme for the decoration of our daughter's class in school was Origami. Don't ask me why. It is not that they did a special project on Japan, or that they were asked to come to school dressed in Japanese style, or something like that. Anyway, we asked my sister-in-law, who is Japanese and lives in Utrecht, Holland, with my brother, to write some words in Japanese that have to do with Japan, Israel, Purim, and send them to us by e-mail. She wrote words like Japan, Israel, clown, carnaval, king, queen, and origami, and sent them as a PDF-file. One of the parents printed the beautiful writings/drawings, and they were put on the class's wall together with oriental masks, a dress ( that is Chinese, if I am not mistaken, our daughter received it from her American granddad, I don't think that anybody here could tell the difference between a Chinese and a Japanese dress, I know I couldn't ), pictures of geishas, sushi, etc., a Japanese flag and a lot of clown drawings that the kids made. The Japanese writings really added some authenticity to the setting.

Normally you won't find any pictures of my children on this blog or ( as far as I have control over that ) anywhere else on the WWW. I did not see any harm in posting a picture of our 5-year-old son dressed as a Teenage Ninja Turtle ( don't ask me which one ), since you will have a very difficult time recognizing him. This year all the three of them used costumes that we borrowed from friends of ours. His sister was dressed as a nun, and his baby brother as an elephant.

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