Monday, March 17, 2008

When I hear and watch people like Angela Merkel talk, I always wish that our leaders would be able to recognize sincere and true friendship - as far as such a friendship is possible in ( international ) politics, with all its limitations and in spite of the emotionally charged history of German-Jewish and German-Israeli relations - and to understand that one should listen carefully to the advice of such friends. I would be highly surprised if my wish is granted this time (*). Still, kol hakavod to Mrs Merkel and the members of her government who accompany her on her visit to Israel. (*) Ahead of and during the visit by the German Bundeskanzlerin, our own 'leaders' could not think of anything more constructive and creative than crying oy gevalt because Mrs Merkel's mothertongue happens to be German, and telling the Germans to stop dealing with Iran alltogether. As if the Holocaust was perpetrated by a language ( and in one language only ), and as if Israel does not use Germany's contacts with Iran for its own interests.

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