Thursday, April 17, 2008

Verelendung, according to Hamas

In several previous articles and postings I have argued or stated that Hamas has its own Islamist version of Marx' theorie of Verelendung ( immiserisation ): the poorer and more miserable the Palestinians become, the more they will ( believe that they ) need Hamas to save them. Never mind that one might think that things could not get worse for the Palestinians and that until now - even though Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and like-minded Islamist organizations have often used slogans that claim that Islam is the solution for or the answer to everything - Hamas is totally unable to solve even the most basic problems of the poor people in Gaza. The unrelenting efforts, carried out and/or supported by Hamas, to make it virtually impossible for Israel to supply gas and fuel to the Gaza Strip are proof that the leaders of Hamas are absolutely convinced that they will be the better for their people's misery. Soon we will see candlelit demonstrations again, which not only can be labeled as a show of support for Hamas but also can be marketed to the world as proof of the inhumanity of us, Zionist monkeys and pigs. PS: While searching for an online explanation, in English, of the word Verelendung as used by Karl Marx, I came across two entirely identical paragraphs from what appear to be two different books by two different writers: here ( page 30, from Robert & Don Bransfield, Key Ideas in Economics, 2003 ) and here ( page 15, from Shaun Best, Understanding Social Divisions, 2005 ). Am I missing something here or does this look suspicious?

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