Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joep Bertram's view on the (re)election of Silvio Berlusconi. He is considered to be a staunch supporter of Israel, but I believe it is sad and worrying that Israel partly depends on such supporters these days. The fact that Israel can - generally speaking - count on less support among socialist and social-democratic parties in Europe than among more rightwing political parties on the continent says as much about Israel's policies and its position today as about the post 9/11 changes in what once was my natural political home base. I still consider the European and Israeli social-democracy as my political home base, but it is not a natural and obvious choice for me anymore. In Israeli politics many of my views have become more leftwing than they used to be ( I would seriously consider voting Meretz, although I cannot stand the political infighting that characterizes that party, not unlike other parties ), while when I follow politics and elections in Europe I find myself often agreeing less and less with the positions of the social-democratic parties. If I were Italian I do not know which of the two candidates I would have voted for. Berlusconi is a crook in more than one way, and let's not forget that much of the European rightwing 'support' for Israel comes from people who simply hate ( and fear ) Muslims more than Jews, but at the same time many of the forces that oppose Berlusconi are the same ones who love to demonize Israel and to rub shoulders with Israel's worst enemies.

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