Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Tom Janssen - "You see - Everybody supports us...!!"
( litt. Everybody is in our favor )

Joep Bertrams - "Doctooor....!!!"

  • Two cartoons by Dutch cartoonists, one about ( the referendum in ) Burma/Myanmar, the other about the critical condition of the Dutch Labor Party ( the same cartoon could be made about its Israeli sister party ).
  • I agree with every word of this analysis, by Nahum Barnea ( not exactly a blind nationalist or hawk ), of the situation in Lebanon and the Middle East, and subscribe to its basic conclusion: Israel can and should only rely on itself. The 'compromise' reached in Lebanon is a clear victory for Hezbullah ( and thus for Iran and Syria ). Maybe this could make life easier for Israel in the next war: chances are that by then this country will have to face Lebanon ( and Syria ) as a whole, and the IDF and IAF will not have to pretend anymore that they are fighting only against one particular faction. I truly feel sorry for most ordinary Lebanese - who, together with the Israelis, in the end will be the ones who pay the most for the fearful indecisiveness of the West - and for brave and patriotic men like Mr Hariri, who in fact was thrown to the dogs by his Arab 'brothers', as well as by Europe and the US. In a country such as Lebanon you need guts in order to take political responsibility, especially if your political opponents are supported by one or two of your country's most powerful meddlers.
  • While eating breakfast I saw a news bulletin on television and learnt that the Israeli contestant Boaz Ma'uda ( I think he won the Israeli version of American Idol last year ) will participate in this year's final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I did not realize that that contest takes place this week, or that Israel participates. At a press conference young Mr Ma'uda - who is of Yemenite descent and sings a song that was written by Dana International - pointed out something that I had not noticed yet: until now all three Israeli winners of the Contest were Yemenite Jews ( Yizhar Ashdot, Gali Atari ( with Milk & Honey ), and Mrs International ). Of course he hopes to follow in their footsteps. I won't watch the final but wish him good luck.
  • This weekend I will finish reading the proofs of my book, which Be'Ezrath HaShem will be published next month. I am very happy with ( and will be very proud of ) the result of several months of very hard ( and interesting and mostly very pleasant ) work.

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