Thursday, May 08, 2008

Independence Day 2008 in Haifa

With two of our three children I went to Haifa this morning, to see the band of the Israel Defense Forces march and play together with military bands from all over the world. It was beautiful and great fun, even though the organization was a bit of a shambles. You could see that Israelis are not used to bands like these playing in the streets. My wife dropped us off right next to the starting point of the parade, so when the buses with all the musicians arrived I had the opportunity to take pictures of our children with several band members. This resulted in some great pictures. All the musicians were very cooperative. Thanks to the IDF for this idea and to all the musicians for coming here and entertaining us. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I was not in a very good position. There were no police barriers so it was a bit of a jungle out there. A few spectators were very kind and suggested that my son and daughter sit on the sidewalk in front of them. That way I could stand behind them and take the pictures. A typically Israeli experience, seeing different faces of the same country: on one hand wonderful warmth, helpfulness, and ihpatiyut ( care ), on the other rudeness, carelessness, and one big balagan ( mess ).




The Netherlands

Great Britain



Two members of the band of the Dutch Royal Air Force


Ben Gurion Boulevard, with Israeli, Dutch and other ( Polish, Russian? ) flags.

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