Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready, aim, fire!

This really scares me: ( Ha'Aretz News Flash ) 01:58 Lieberman: I'd join Netanyahu gov't if I got defense position (Haaretz) The other day I read that if elections were held now, the outcome could very well be a coalition of Nethanyahu/Likud, Lieberman/Israel Our Home, Eitam/National Religious Party-National Union, Shas, and Gaydamak. At least three of these party leaders have been or still are under some sort of investigation, and more Shas MKs than I can remember have already been convicted of fraud, theft and other crimes. So the chances of any future government serving out its term without any legal interruptions are small, to use an understatement. But Lieberman as Defense Minister? For heaven's sake! Never mind that he is a fanatic and a racist, but that man technically even would have to salute me ( 1st sergeant ( res. ) ) if the two of us were in the army together! Doesn't our precious army deserve a supreme commander who has commanded more than a toilet cleaning unit? I wouldn't even trust this man with commanding a firing squad, like his equal Corporal Jones in Blackadder IV. Haven't we learnt anything two years ago? I'm afraid not. Israel's problem is not so much the fact that many if not most of our leaders are corrupt, weak and without any vision, but rather the truly worrying fact that there are few if any real and trustworthy alternatives. I would very much like to believe that Tzipi Livni can be such an alternative, but unfortunately her leeway is very limited and her record has already been tainted by the games ( compromises, party dynamics, opportunism etc. ) that every politician, no matter how clean and good-willing he or she is, has to play in order to get anywhere over here. In spite of that she is one of the few Israeli politicians whom I truly respect ( and like, in a way ), who appear to have some sort of vision, and who seem to have what it takes to become a real political leader. And I say this not ( only ) because I got the opportunity to interview her last week ( she did not really tell me anything that I - or anybody else who has followed Israeli politics and her role in it - did not know).

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