Friday, May 09, 2008

War of Independence 2008

Is it me or can we start gearing up for a very hot spring and summer? It seems that Israel is not the only one who understands that Iran tries once again to wage a war of proxy through Hezbollah, at the expense of a country that is powerless because of the indecisiveness of the international community. As soon as Israel will be forced to respond to and act against rockets being fired from Lebanon southwards, it will be Israel that is condemned and left to fight alone by that same international community. The same goes for the media. The civil war that Hezbollah started and that might very well end with the Shi'ite militia taking control of even larger parts of Lebanon - with the UN seeing nor hearing any evil whatsoever -, is only worthy of a few lines on page twenty-something in Western media, but when rockets start being fired into our direction and Israel hits back the poor Lebanese will make headlines again. And guess who will be the bad guys by then? I give you a hint: it will not be Nasrallah, Assad or Ahmadenijad.

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