Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hatred towards Jews > Love towards Palestinians

Here is yet another example of the Muslims' hatred towards the Jewish state. Many if not most of them, it seems, simply are unable or unwilling to accept the mere existence of this state. It appears that if there is one thing that unites shi'ites and sunnis, fundamenalists and less extremist believers, it is the hatred of Jews and of Israel. In an area where water is - more than in most places in the world - the very essence of life, a major official of the Islamic Republic of Iran, repeating the words of his dead guru, urges Muslims to each use one bucket of water to erase Israel - i.e. in fact to murder all the Jews and Muslims who live here - rather than to use that precious liquid to irrigate Muslim and non-Muslim lands, which could make this area just a tiny bit more beautiful and livable. Leave it to the ayatollahs and their cronies to turn a symbol of life into a deadly weapon. There are many reasons why I feel sorry for the Palestinians, but two of the main causes for their misery are their leaders on the one hand and their 'friends, supporters and brothers' on the other.

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