Monday, July 28, 2008

Bits and pieces

  • An interesting and convincing opinion article, unfortunately but very probably quite relevant for the next Lebanon war.
  • Uri Orbach basically calls Israelis who expose the abuse of Palestinians by Israeli security forces or by settlers traitors, who only help the Palestinian propaganda machine. He seems to forget that those who abuse Palestinian civilians are the real danger for Israel, because they betray our state and our values. But of course, Mr Orbach does not mention the fact that abuses that do not take place can not be filmed and exposed, nor does he ever denounce the attacks - by members of his ideological home front - against Israeli soldiers and police(wo)men who try to enforce the little law that is left in the Wild-Westbank.
  • Uzi Dayan, former general and halfhearted political activist, will join the Likud. Nothing wrong with that, of course, besides the fact that after he retired from the army, one of Mr Dayan's main focuses has been the fight against corruption. He probably never noticed that two ( well, many more, but they involve two public figures, Avraham Hirschsohn and Ehud Olmert ) of today's most notorious cases of - alleged - corruption involve Kadimah politicians who did what they are being accused of while they were very, very prominent Likud leaders. You cannot say that Likud invented corruption, but it is one of the parties that helped to turn the ugly phenomenon into an Israeli artform. What other parties he could have joined? Well, I would not suggest Shas, or Israel Beitenu, or the Labor party. But what is wrong with, for instance, Meretz? Besides the fact that the chances of that party joining any government in the near future are slim, to say the least. This is why I have a feeling that Avshalom Vilan might be right.
  • Some very interesting background information about Samir Kuntar, which I found on one of my favorite Israeli weblogs.

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