Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busha WeHirpa

On the day that the bodies of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev returned to Israel, and on the day that they will be buried, the Technion - where Ehud and his wife, who recently finished her Master's degree in spite of all the work and pressure surrounding the struggle for her husband's release, studied ( they happened to live in my hometown; Eldad Regev's family is from Qiryat Motzkin, a twenty minutes' drive from here ) - has its Student's Day celebrations. My family and I live on the Carmel mountains, right above the Technion. Last night we could hear an awful noise coming from down the mountain. I called a journalist from Ha'Aretz whom I had contact with last year ( he writes, among other things, about Dutch subjects, and contacted me last year after a report that I wrote about a Dutch anti-Israeli organization was published; he was very eager to receive a copy of my book that will come out in early September, and said he will write about it, maybe even interview me ) to tell him about this. I was happy to hear that another medium, Ma'ariv's website NRG, already had picked up the subject. I understand that such big shows and events are planned many months ahead, but the 'prisoner exchange' also did not land upon us like a bolt from the blue. At least the fireworks were canceled, the artists and speakers mentioned Goldwasser and Regev and dedicated some songs to them, but I believe that was only cosmetic b-s. The students' union could have decided to make all performances acoustic, for instance. That way the visitors would have had a much more special concert from their favorite artists, and the contrast between the national atmosphere of these two days and the party mood at the alma mater of one of the two soldiers who will be borne to their final resting-place today would not have been so pain- and disgraceful. If you understand Hebrew, please read some of the comments to get an impression of how disgraceful some of the 'justifications' for not canceling the festivities are. The first comment says it all: "The event should not be canceled, enough with the psychosis of those who were kidnapped!". Of course such comments - of which there are way too many - did not remain unanswered.

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