Sunday, July 20, 2008

I wonder....

While I am quite an admirer of Tzipi Livni, and although I do not know anything substantial about professor Gabriela Shalev, I get the feeling that power politics and big egos rather than pure national interests are the main reasons behind professor Shalev, and not Alon Pinkas, becoming Israel's new ambassador at the UN. I am not one to judge people ( only ) by their looks, but for this job looks are almost as important as substance. Mr Pinkas has both: he is young, looks good on television, is very well-spoken in English, has an excellent inside knowledge of US politics, is very persuasive and an experienced diplomat. I even voted for him once in Labor party primaries. Again, I do not know Mrs Shalev, and I am sure she is highly talented, but I doubt seriously that she can beat Mr Pinkas on the main points that matter for ( one of ) the most important job(s) in Israeli diplomacy. Let us hope that I - like many others - am totally mistaken about this. The journalist Ilana Dayan was considered for the job by Mrs Livni, I missed why she did not get it ( did she want it? ), she might have been an interesting, possibly worthy candidate as well.

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