Sunday, July 20, 2008

My 'favorite' postings from July-August 2006

Those two months I was a very productive blogger, even though for five weeks I spent most of my days keeping our children busy and happy. Here are my favorite or most telling postings from that period. Some are very unreal to me, although I will never forget most of the events and feelings that I describe in them. All of these postings are in English. If you understand Dutch I would recommend the articles that I had published in those weeks ( you can find them here and here ).
  • July 4th. Right after the abduction of Gilad Shalit. I quoted Noam Shalit, his father ( "the State of Israel won't be able to retrieve its power of deterrence to my sorrow on the back of Gilad Shalit because his back is not so wide..." ), and Esther Wachsman, the mother of Nahshon z"l, who wrote or said in Ha'Aretz: "We hear "We will not negotiate" and "We won't give in to terror." This is the Israeli destiny, they say. I am not calling for the release of murderers, but they should not insult our intelligence because they have negotiated and they have given in to terror - in the Jibril deal, and in the agreement in which the bodies of our soldiers who had been abducted by Hezbollah were returned, and in the deal with Elhanan Tennenbaum, and in the release of Sheikh Yassin when two Mossad agents failed in their attempt to assassinate Khaled Meshal. Everyone knows the bloody price we paid for the release of these murderers. " These words are even truer today.
  • July 10th. Still funny.
  • July 13th. This is when the war really started for us.
  • July 15th. I remember the Barenboim/Quasthoff Winterreise-recital that I watched on television in our dark living room, with my wife and children asleep in the bunker.
  • July 15th. Plus ca change.... ( of course, this is not 'my' posting ).
  • July 16th, a, b, c. and d. This I all remember very clearly.
  • July 16th. Still optimistic.
  • July 17th. I doubt if something this would happen today.
  • July 19th. This story still makes my eyes tear, and this one, of the same date, still makes me smile. By the way, on the afternoon of this day we left our home. On Tuesday evening we had decided to leave, and we even managed to make most of the arrangements for the journey ( including faxed declarations from my wife's gynaecologist, who later would be sent to Lebanon ). We wanted to buy some extra Euros at a post office near the Alon junction, but when we left our hometown we heard on the radio that that junction had been hit by missiles, and everything was closed. We managed without the extra Euros.
  • July 23rd. My first posting from Holland.
  • July 28th. This contrast still exists.
  • August 3rd. This posting ( in Dutch ) reminded me of the fact that during the war I received little hate-mail, except for a tsunami coming from a few extremist Israel 'supporters', who stalked my blog and mailbox for a week or so and called me a traitor, a selfhater etc. etc. I even had to turn off the comment function for some time.
  • August 6th 2006. These pictures, which I received from a photographer-friend of my wife's and which were exclusively published on this weblog, reached tens of thousands of viewers all over the world, through links and references posted on major American websites. On August 10th 2006, as a result of this posting, DBI had its busiest day ever, with more than 1000 visitors. A building in my hometown, a few streets away from our house, was hit in a similar way, I am still amazed how fast it was rebuilt.
  • August 15th. Still true and highly relevant.
  • August 31st. Idem dito.

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