Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Book: Israel and I ( sorry, only in Dutch )

As you can see in my previous posting, my first book has been published. Its title is ( translated ) Israel and I - Fifteen well-known Dutchmen and -women about their relationship with a 60-year-old. It contains interviews with Dutch, Jewish and non-Jewish, politicians, journalists, writers and others. They talk candidly and in some cases very movingly about their relationship with Israeli friends, colleagues, family members, about visits to this country, politics and 'the' conflict, Israeli-European and Israeli-Dutch relations, etc. If you understand Dutch, I highly recommend buying and reading the book. If you don't, this would be a good moment to start learning the language ;-) People in the US and Israel have asked - and continue to ask - me if the book will be translated into English or Hebrew. I don't think so. While the interviewees are all quite or very well known in the Netherlands, most of their names will not ring many bells outside of Holland. I wrote the book very much with Dutch readers, and with Dutch perceptions of Israel, in mind.

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