Thursday, July 03, 2008

Take five, or ten, or twenty, or...

I would love to do some serious blogging, but sorry, I just do not have time for it. I am considering the possibility of taking an indefinite, and maybe even final blog leave, keeping the option of once in a while posting an article that was published elsewhere. Serious blogging is very time-consuming, and since it is a hobby - not a ( partial ) way of making a living - I do not see the point in spending my precious time expressing my opinions on my blog, rather than spending that time on other, more worthwhile ventures and expressing those opinions elsewhere. A general fatigue and a growing cynicism ( or even indifference ) seem to be signs that it is time for a break and a reorientation. In about two weeks I will dedicate a posting or two to the publication of my book ( Israel and I - Fifteen prominent Dutchmen and -women about their relationship with a 60-year-old ), which is being printed as we speak, or rather as I blog and you read.

I received a request to help promote a students' conference on Mid-East peace, at the Tel Aviv University. Here is a link, good luck and kol hakavod to them. Also, an account director at the PR firm representing a US magazine thought I might be interested in refering to an article on the Golan Heights, on the website of that magazine. I don't think linking to the article could hurt anyone, so here it is.

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