Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Different standards

First of all, condolences to the wife, two children, loved ones, colleagues and friends of Stan Storimans, the Dutch cameraman who was killed by Russian bombs in the Georgian city of Gori. Forgive me for being cynical, but I can't help imagining what this news item would have looked like and how it would have developed if Israel, and not Russia, had killed the man. The international condemnations will be loud this time as well, I am sure, but I have not seen any demonstrations yet by ( leftist, heavily subsidized ) NGOs in any of the European capitals against the 'disproportionate' ( hey, Bush used this word already ) response by the Kremlin against Georgia's actions in South Ossetia. Also, whereas in past wars incidents such as this one have made it harder or even impossible for Israel to continue fighting because of international protests and pressure, Mr Putin probably will just say "F$#&@* off" ( that is, its Russian equivalent, Russian is very rich when it comes to curses ) and go on with his war until his and Russia's goals are reached. And, to be honest and realistic, from his point of view, he is probably right to do so. PS: I forgot - an understandable mistake - that Mr Medvedev, and not Vladimir Putin, is the head of state in Russia. I just read that the president decided to stop the war. I am sure that means that as far as the Kremlin is concerned the Russian objectives have been achieved. And with 'achieved' I do not mean some wishy-washy UN resolution ( 1701 is just an example ).

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