Friday, August 15, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Thanks to our cellphone provider, Cellcom, which on every Thursday during the months of July and August offers one free movie ticket for every cellphone that you have, I had a very nice evening yesterday. The choice of movies in the participating theaters in and around Haifa was not very big, but still. Last week I went to see Wanted ( stupid story, nice action ), and yesterday I saw Mamma Mia! Neither of those two I would have seen if I had to pay, but unlike Wanted I genuinely enjoyed Mamma Mia! It is far from perfect, the inclusion of some of the songs is very unnatural, and Pierce Brosnan simply cannot sing ( although he 'received' one of the two best songs of the movie, When All Is Said And Done, the other being Slipping Through My Fingers ), but all in all it is simply an unpretentious, funny, very entertaining movie, which keeps you happy and humming for two hours and for some time after that. I was a young kid when the members of Abba were together, and one of the few long-playing records that I ever possessed was Arrival. I never became a real fan, but I do believe that Mr Andersson and Mr Ulvaeus are true geniuses, their songs are great and timeless. Those songs turn a flimsy story into a very nice and highly succesful ( musical* and ) film. (*) I never saw the musical, but obviously it has been an enormous success.

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