Monday, August 11, 2008

Surprised? Not!

Just like four years ago the IOC, known for its impressive record of sympathy and support for the Jewish state and for its respect for the memory of the Israeli athletes and coaches murdered at the Munich games in September 1972 (*), once again did not see any reason to punish an Iranian athlete for what is simply too coincidental to be anything but unsporting behavior and mixing sports with politics. (*) The most appropriate response to what happened in the Olympic village in that year was given by Dutch athlete Jos Hermens, who left the games, saying “You give a party, and someone is killed at the party, you don’t continue the party. I'm going home”. The IOC has refused ever since to permanently hold even the smallest remembrance ceremony for the murdered Israelis. Their names do not appear on the website of the IOC. As far as I am aware - correct me if I am mistaken - the only Israeli member of the IOC ( who, by the way, was born in Iran ) never went out of his way to make sure that disciplinary action was taken against sporters or delegations which boycot Israeli athletes, or that any special attention was paid to the murder of eleven of his compatriots.

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