Monday, October 27, 2008


While I should be blogging about, for instance, the coming American and Israeli elections, we are having problems with our internet connection, and I only follow the news through the evening news broadcasts on television. On the other hand, finally the work on my thesis is getting me somewhere, I seriously believe that I will be able to make the mid-December deadline that I set for myself. The last time I had the feeling that I was seeing the end of the PhD tunnel was just before the Lebanon war. After the two months' delay of that summer I was unable to really return to work, and I decided to do some things in between.
Last week my wife, our two eldest children and I were at the Western Wall, for a bar mitzvah ceremony of my wife's nephew. It was fun ( though very crowded ), the children had a wonderful day, we had a very nice dinner in Jerusalem, and I took some beautiful pictures.

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